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Progressive probs

Who could have seen this coming?

How do you define ‘hate speech’?

Anti-choice judge

Nothing is more valuable than the truth

Approximately 6 months

Nashville Statement


Abortion language

About that man bun

Cosmic child abuse

You’re just blindly repeating things

The honest atheist

I sold The Babylon Bee and am no longer running it

The Bible, homosexuality, and slavery

You can’t legislate morality

He took our sins upon Himself

Canned advice and gimmicks

They made it all up?

Science disproves God

Anything new going on?

Right and wrong

Gender, age, and race

All my beliefs are based on science

You can’t be both a naturalist and a freethinker


Judge not

If God really exists, you should be able to prove it to me

Keep resisting


I’m a terrible Christian

A woman’s right to choose

Do you realize what that means?

Jesus accepts my true self

I feel like it can’t be true

It’s a great time to be a Christian

The blogger is the one who’s right?

Nothing can come from nothing

How long?

I can do all thiiiiiiiiiiings

Not a God worth worshiping

A sexist pig holds the door

This is truly a special generation

Some things that have helped me in my struggle with anxiety

Beware of no man more than of yourself

Humble? Or arrogant?

Jesus and anxiety

Where did I go wrong, Lord?

The theology of “don’t hurt anybody’s feelings”

Hey I’ve got a joke for you.


God should not have done that

My new book is here and it’s called Thy Kingdom Comics

What usually happens when you challenge some different people’s beliefs

You can be anything you want to be

Letting culture dictate the way you look

Spot the pro-choicer

Together 2016

Paul the Apostle haunts Creflo Dollar

Another terrorist attack

I wish I could go back in time to hang with Martin Luther

The whole Bible is about Jesus

I’m not ready to have this child.

Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

I don’t believe in hell, so I don’t have to worry about that sort of thing

How to quickly tell if someone is being homophobic and/or transphobic

Jesus never even mentioned it!

Speaking the truth in love in a time when everyone is offended by everything

Live like a person who will soon be dead

Do right and wrong exist? Who determines them?

Is truth absolute or relative?

I would like to buy about three dollars worth of gospel, please

The real secret to killing sin

Be an exegete

Six months to live

The gay Anglo-Saxon warrior

Believing God for financial prosperity

Five reasons to believe Jesus rose from the dead

Which Jesus do you worship?

If a practical Christian were to identify as an atheist…

I was born this way

Don’t be an I.O.C.

Introducing The Babylon Bee

The center of the universe

I’m so lonely, Jesus

I self-identify as a Christian

Innocent. Human. Life.

Why do we sing about ourselves?

Christians are sinners too!

What if I never get married?

That is so offensive

Go clean your room

Anti-abortion extremist?

The absolute sovereignty of God…and evangelism

A complicated question

What changes a “clump of cells” into a baby?

Why doesn’t God save everyone?

God already HAS spoken

Happy New Year

The Bible is not anti-women

How to be a politically-correct Christian

Do Christians and Jews worship the same God? Nope.

Christians and Muslims do not worship the same God

Santa isn’t real??

Theology matters

Every generation says that

Did you really have to bring up predestination?

Already perfect (but still far from perfect)

We are all stardust

Help, I’m trapped in a Christian marriage!

If God were real he would prove it to me

Give me Jesus.

A list of things to thank God for today

You have no idea what I’ve done in my life

Tolerance police

Nobody deserves that

A popular first-century blog post

Keep fighting

I’d like to chat about something

We don’t allow that

Please don’t be intolerant

Martin Luther was not trying to change the world

Depression, anxiety, meds, and shame

Some really good bad news

Selective inerrancy

How to spot a theological liberal

Why’d you give me this, God?

The strangest thing

I have my own ideas about Jesus

When Jesus knocks

When there’s something in the Word of God that I don’t like

Westboro Baptist* Church*

I must believe in God because of all the evil in the world

Obsessed with sex

The God of the Old Testament

Cage-stage Calvinist

If you’re not sure, don’t run it over

Joel Osteen’s fortune cookies

Christians who are jerks

A shy person vs. an introvert

Footprints in the sand

Welcome to normal

Children of whom?

If you stand with Planned Parenthood

Don’t be a crazy Christian

Should you be outraged by Planned Parenthood today?

You’re a good person?

Silence in the face of evil

The first great and primary business

A clump of sells

Does slavery ever bother you?

What if I could prove it to you?

God and big numbers

If you’re gay, I want you to know that I don’t hate you

Jesus is not your copilot

How do you know you love Jesus?

Is God an egomaniac?

Our lives should not make sense

Why don’t you spend more money on yourself?

Creflo’s jet

Who’s the bigot?

The Bible says we should only eat locusts

This is God’s universe

The “death of Christianity” in America

Anxiety, depression, and the truth

Matthew 5:30, American Popular Version

1,000 ways to God

Marriage equality

Wives, submit to your husbands; husbands, love your wives

Some martyrs and some Joel Osteen tweets

Pray for Obama

1 Corinthians 6:9-10, American Popular Version

God’s got some explaining to do

How “faith” works in the prosperity gospel

Declarations and Proverbs

God is sovereign over everything

Why do you talk about Jesus all the time?

Christians, alcohol, and social media: a humble suggestion

If Jesus did not really rise from the dead

Matthew 6:2, American Popular Version

You’re a theologian too

Jesus never said anything about homosexuality

The Bible advocates slavery, polygamy, rape, and genocide!

If you believe in Jesus, you should believe in the entire Bible

For us

Jonah and the fail

What Jesus looked like

How to get endorsed by Oprah as a Christian writer or speaker


Sunday comic

Just a good, human teacher

Thank God for William Tyndale

My first book is here and it’s called Implications Abound

Prayer gossip

Give me all

Correct theology without love

Why don’t you ever go to church?

Some common misconceptions about our relationship with sin

Flee from it

Die every morning

Good advice vs good news

God helps those who

Judas Iscariot and the prosperity gospel

50 shades of yeah ok

If you know Jesus saved you

Should I say something?

Faith and repentance

Beard observation

How religion works vs how the gospel works


I am a theology nerd

A quick look at the bestselling Christian books of 2014

Abortion allies

I’m too bad to become a Christian

4 quotes for MLK Day

What did you see while you were in heaven?

Elaborate and intense religious ritual

A good and loving judge

Who said it?

Radical Muslim vs radical Christian

John 14:15, American Popular Version

How could this happen?

The elephant speaks

That Heaven book

Dealing with annoying people

Everyone is religious

I’m happy to be a sheep

Former Christian

Jesus, Paul, and the theological liberal

A God who contradicts my personal values

One of the great uses of Twitter and Facebook

Let’s talk about Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

Is this faith?

He will shine regardless

Biggest fear

I quit my job and I’m going full-time with the webcomic

If you could lose your salvation

The Great Exchange is really really great

Don’t find yourself on the wrong side of history

John 3:3, American Popular Version

Errors and contradictions!

Did God really say?

Justified by faith

Lots of Christians use the acronym OMG and I think that’s pretty dumb

Because of whom?


The gospel and telepathy

See for yourself

Spirit animal

Zeal without doctrine

Church du Soleil

Gay marriage and racial segregation

John 8:11, American Popular Version

The Joel Osteen Social Media Word Contest

Jesus is just a crutch

The hidden genius of hipster fashion

Love your neighbor

Methods and men

Christians are all a bunch of sheep

Attention rich people

The burden of proof

One particular result of the Fall


I just don’t feel like I’m being fed

Not sinning

Collecting shells

Drowned forever

You will not say this on your deathbed

Isn’t it crazy how good we all are?

Fixing that one Gandhi quote

Get some life in your life

When my wife cooks vs when I cook

Atheist probs

To: radical Islam. With love, Martin Luther.

If God is absolutely sovereign

Acts 2:38, American Popular Version

God in a box

We are half-hearted creatures

The war is raging

Freedom and rights for all women

Look past your past

The great Bible translation debate

Eat my flesh and drink my blood


A Person, not a thing


Virgins can’t give birth

Pro-abortion logic

There are only two kinds of people

New atheism

4 things that don’t happen

Life’s tests

I am a Christian and this is how some different people see me

Jesus takes Joel Osteen’s advice

How to be a culturally-relevant Christian

Good news: we are not David

What Jesus says vs what the world says

How to spot a VBS volunteer

God is an artist

Holding on to God

Sweet new Bible cover

Peace + war

How NOT to measure your walk

Trust me



Religious dogma

Stars, sand, and God

Romans 6:1-2, American Popular Version


There really is a War on Women in America

Boycott Godzilla!

God and the Gay Christian

2000 years and 180 degrees

Harold loses his faith

Don’t fail at failing

My ESV, how I love thee

Luke 12:4-5, American Popular Version

A cause for rejoicing

Matthew 28:20, American Popular Version

Bible app vs print Bible

True and lasting pleasure

Doubting the resurrection of Jesus

God is love, but love is not God

Define irony

3 foolproof steps to become a better you


Into the abyss

The Tree Theory of the Beginning of Everything

Believe whatever you want, just keep it to yourself!

Prayer time

The rise of the special Christian momblogs

Know your nature

The important matter of blogs and blog posts

Parenting: 1st kid vs 2nd kid

I can do all things…

Thank you, Lord, for baseball

The essence of Christian unity

Everything is theological

If you avoid the problem, the solution makes no sense

Should you grow a beard?

Shout out to all the attractive people

Captain Context

The issue of faith

Create our own reality

For the burdened

Matthew 6:19, American Popular Version

Stinking Christians!

Take a Jehovah’s Witness to John 1:3

Mom, dad…

Rent tuxedos

5 worship gestures which are also helpful in other situations

The Jesus calf

Jesus and air

I declare

The whole time, Jesus was there

The Creation of Adam, prosperity-gospel version

Sincerity is only half the battle

3 alternate definitions for the word ‘Purgatory’


Did Jesus rise from the dead?

Lord, give me a sign!


I don’t really go to church on Sundays

A gay person and me

We will not be one of the cool kids

Super Bowl

Things we’ll never say once we’re in Heaven

4 things I would rather do instead of listening to a prosperity-gospel message

Dress up the gospel?


55.8 million, in perspective

Not an option

Home sweet home

One possible solution to that awkward tithing moment some of us face

Your heart is beating

Thank you, church child-care worker

Get to know your Bible translations

Falling asleep while praying

Great question, Billy


‘Bigot’: definition vs usage

Biblical Money Code®

Never judge a book by its cover

Tangible love

The prayer fairy

Isaiah 9:2

A labor of love

‘Tolerance’: definition vs usage

Life before the internet

Christian straw man

The equation for humility

Adventures of a church introvert

Trusting in good deeds for salvation

Voting: charismatics vs cessationists

God is not ‘a la carte’


Stay-at-home moms just kinda hang out all day

Moral relativism


Introducing Plan A® contraceptive for men

Human face

Why doesn’t God just reveal himself to me?


Nuke 3:16

Only God can judge me

Special reading glasses

50 degrees: fall vs spring

One simple question

Benny Hinn would never lie to you

We have a legacy to honor

3 encouraging trends I see among young men in the church

Don’t drift

Men: 4 quick tips for better selfies

Dude what for

I just could never believe in a God who would…

In his joy

How to spot a mother of young children

Seven salvations


Agreeing with God

Lord, don’t let this be me

You and I are bad

If we talked to people the way we talk to God


Coffee science

This will never be Jesus

Name it and claim it

A passion of mine

Trust your heart, sweetie

Poor kids

Worship war

How to spot a father of young children

My dryer cycle

Being a Christian today


Choices, choices

What good does that do, exactly?

Retweeting compliments

My office desktop vs my computer desktop

Martin Luther responds to some @JoelOsteen tweets

Some thoughts on prayer

The once-weekly tablet to ease your conscience

Compare yourself

New theological ideas

Addressing a problem among men in the church

Outer darkness

Telling lost people not to sin

Luke 12:5, American Popular Version


Barber desirability spectrum

Turn around

A knock at the door

This is how it works, right?

If Paul had preached Osteen’s message at Mars Hill

The atheist elephant

Progressive sexuality

Atheist Garage

Wabbit trail

Jesus and math

Does Rob Bell drink alcohol?

Bible Study with Joel Osteen

Mr. Blueslice would like a word with you!

The Gospel of Judas

Two different types of paper cuts

Understanding “goodness”

Preaching about sin

Gosnell’s trial is a civil rights issue

God has a wonderful plan for your life

Bad theology

The power to share your faith

How to fail at Easter

Subjective life

A Muslim looking for Jesus

…but to serve

Peter and Paul get a visit from the future

What happens when someone asks about my kids

Why the prosperity gospel did not exist in the early church

The Stoning of Stephen the Vague

Getting gas in the winter


The dreaded pencil dilemma

It’s right here in the bible!

How Benny Hinn got his start in ministry

God has no limits (except this one)

God is not glorified

Eye exam

Find out for yourself

Jeremiah and abortion

I know now, Lord, why you utter no answer

A lesson from Paul’s prestigious past

Behold the misogynist

Normal Christianity

Jesus isn’t the means to something wonderful

How to justify prosperity theology in 3 easy steps

Temperature matters

Matthew 28:19-20, American Popular Version

Matthew 7:1, American Popular Version

John 3:16-18, American Popular Version

Sometimes proper doctrine is painful


A correlation that truly bakes my noodle

Watch out for the danger zone

What we really believe

Poor Paul :(

Jeremiah, the weeping prophet

Osteen and Peter

You don’t know his heart!

You want me to keep my what to myself?

Three secrets for perfect coffee

What your preferred Bible translation says about you